Common tashnik

The common Tashnik is another plant of my favorite family: cabbage. It grows everywhere, you will surely know its heart-shaped fruit, the so-called pods, often called loaves. Most of the time it can be found along roads and trails, in fallows, pastures and gardens. Commonly considered an intrusive weed, it was in fact a highly valued herbaceous plant thousands of years ago. It is traditionally used for various types of bleeding, however it is not recommended.pregnant women. The Tasznik herb contains, among other biogenic amines, amino acids, vitamins A, K, C, potassium and calcium salts. But let's take a look at the culinary uses! Tashnik is eaten raw in salads, leaves, flowers, fruits and young shoots, older ones may need blanching. We add to soups, stews and bread dough. In Chinese cuisine, tasznik is used in stir-fry dishes and as a filling for wontons, that is, Chinese dumplings. In both cases, the tashnik is usually salted beforehand: 2 cm pieces are placed in a jar and sprinkled with salt. We keep it in the fridge overnight. We use it in a week. So who is Chinese tomorrow?


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