Cotton Flower Meaning: Symbolism and Colors

The impressive, yet rare, cotton flower is not a flower at all. Cotton flowers are more like dandelion flowers that contain the seeds of the cotton plant. Once they "bloom," the cotton flies away, giving the impression that everyone is running after them. Perhaps that is where the meaning of the cotton flower of separation and appreciation for the other comes from. Not only that, the cotton flower is also a favorite gift to symbolize holy matrimony.

The cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum)

Known as Gossypium, the cotton plant is part of the mallow family. Its name is a derivative of the Arabic word “Goz”, which means “soft substance”. The word “cotton” is also of Arabic origin, coming from the word “Quton” or “Kutun”, which means “fancy fabric”. The Gossypium or cotton plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions both in the modern world and in ancient times. Today, cotton is one of the world's major agricultural crops. This is because cotton is the main natural fiber used by humans today and an amazing 80% of the world's production of natural fibers is cotton. In tropical climates, the plant grows into a tree up to 6.1 m tall and is perennial. However, when cultivated, it is a short, bushy plant that only grows about 1.83m tall.

History of the cotton flower

Cotton has a fairly ancient origin. In fact, the Indus Valley Civilization was building and turning as early as 3000 B.C. BC cotton. The ancient Egyptians who lived along the Nile also wore cotton clothing. Finally, the Arabs brought the plant to Europe via Spain and Sicily around the year 800. Hence the name "muslin".

When Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, he found the plant growing in the Bahamas. Cotton was known throughout the world since the 16th century. The cotton plant has been independently domesticated many times in different cultures.

However, no one can accurately determine the actual age of the cotton. Recently, scientists have found cotton seed pods and tissues at least 7,000 years old in caves in Mexico. Interestingly, the cotton found was very similar to that grown in modern America.

The cotton flower today

Although Egyptian cotton is still highly prized, these crops are now grown almost all over the world. They mainly grow in tropical and subtropical areas such as the United States, China, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Brazil, and Turkey. The United States is the largest producer of cotton, followed by India and China. Within the United States, Texas is the largest producer of cotton. The South Plains region of North Texas is the largest cotton-growing region in the world.

Cultural significance of the cotton flower

The meanings of the cotton flower tend to change from one culture to another, however, the idea of ​​prosperity, as well as family, tend to be found often. Well-being and wealth are also associated with the cotton flower in all cultures. Here are some of those meanings from around the world:

Meaning of cotton flower in Korea

In Korea, birth dates are related to certain flowers and their meaning. In Korean culture, one of the most common meanings of the cotton flower is the love of your mother. The flower also symbolizes everything that is excellent or magnificent.

Meaning of the cotton flower in the USA

In the US, some people consider the cotton flower to be the perfect symbol of a marriage that has stood the test of time for several years. Cotton is malleable, soft, and yet incredibly strong. It is considered a symbol of what a marriage should be. Like the cotton flower, marriages must be full of love, but they must be able to go through a whole series of changes. It also symbolizes the urge to follow the other no matter what.

Meaning of the cotton flower for North American Indians

In the oldest Native American traditions, the meanings of cotton flowers lean towards magic. The cotton flower is considered a symbol of luck, healing, and protection. Not surprisingly, these meanings extend into Native American life. Since cotton requires a very special rainfall regime, Native Americans also associate the plant with rain and eventually with the magic of fishing.

Meaning of cotton flower in India

His metaphysical plant symbolism is defined as "the most material vital." Explain that the flower is a symbol of the physical body. The flower thus becomes a symbol of vitality, growth and movement. The plant also symbolizes sensitivity to external influences. However, according to him, the importance of the cotton flower for life and growth means nothing unless it is offered to the divine with these meanings in mind.

Cotton Flower Meaning in Dreams

It is not common to see cotton flowers and plants in a dream. However, when they do, the symbolism is very positive. It is said to be a sign of spiritual awakening. Cotton flowers tend to open when they are ripe. Therefore, it is a symbol of awakening and opening new worlds. It is also considered a symbol of happiness and financial security. The idea may come from a time in history when cotton farming was a lucrative business and indeed a source of financial security for many people around the world.

However, many do not consider it a symbol of material wealth either, but rather a symbol of divine blessing. Spiritually, this should be a good time to count your blessings and be thankful for upcoming rewards. The only unfortunate dream of seeing cotton is when it is dirty. This shows that things in life are not quite right.

cotton flower colors

After pollination, the cotton is covered with the familiar white seed pods. However, some decorative changes in plants stand out.

Gossypium hirsutum is the most widely cultivated variety of cotton. This plant has pale pink or snow-white flowers that stand out among the pale green foliage. The white flowers often have a burgundy pattern in the center, which creates a stunning contrast. Interestingly, this variety is also used to make flaxseed oil.

Contrary to what its name suggests, cotton harvested from this plant is still white. However, the leaves are conspicuous black or dark purple. Also known as Levantine cotton, this plant is found in sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia. It grows naturally in the wild as a perennial shrub.

When to give cotton flowers?

The importance of the cotton flower, which represents general well-being, continues to this day. It stands to reason that the cotton flower would make a great addition to a bouquet when you want to wish someone well. Since it's not just the flowers that are beautiful, the stunning foliage of the plants can be used for a beautiful arrangement.

In the United States, some people give cotton flowers as gifts on their second wedding anniversary. As a gift, it means that the person who does it appreciates the presence of their partner in her life. It's also a symbol of what marriage should be: soft, flexible, yet strong enough to withstand a million changes in character. Cotton flowers can be a great gift on Mother's Day as they symbolize the beauty and softness of maternal love. In fact, in Korean dramas, they appear as a symbol of learning from the family and being more loving.

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