Different Types Of Flowers To Decorate The Garden

Do you want to decorate your garden and fill it with beautiful flowers? Flowers are one of the most cheerful, colorful and beautiful plants that exist. Therefore, if you want to improve the appearance of a terrace or garden, there is nothing better than planting different varieties of flowers with which you will be able to create a perfect space.

In this article we are going to discover the different types of flowers to decorate the garden that you can shuffle. In this way, you can choose the most suitable variety according to your tastes and the personality of your home.

Some flowers to decorate the garden

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There are a number of flower varieties that are more interesting to plant in your garden. If you want to improve the decoration of this outdoor area, know which are the most suitable types of flowers for you. Take note!

Bird from paradise

Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia reginae

We start this list with one of the most beautiful and beautiful flowers that exist: Bird of Paradise.

It is a South African variety and it needs to be planted in tropical or subtropical climates so that it can grow naturally.

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Five or six flowers usually sprout on each stem and grow during the spring months.



This asian flower It is another of the most suitable to include in your garden. It is considered a seasonal flower, as it is deciduous and, when its flowering season ends, its flowers wither.

Chrysanthemum flowers are bright and beautiful; yes: they need hours of light so that they can open to the maximum and show, thus, their maximum beauty.

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Of course, roses are another type of flower to decorate the garden that you have to value if you want to beautify your home.

They are native plants of Asia and the flower grows in the bushes that are called rose bushes and that are characterized by having thorns on their stems.

It is one of the best known flowers around the world and they have a special sea aroma, as well as a great variety of tones.
Red roses are the most popular and, symbolically, they are related to passion, love and desire.

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Another type of perfect flower for your garden are sunflowers.

They are plants with a very showy and showy appearance which, in addition, as their name suggests, is they rotate to catch direct sunlight.

This plant is native to North America and it is a deciduous flower that, when the flowering period ends, wilts.
There are many different species of sunflower and the vast majority are grown to extract the well-known sunflower oil, a food ingredient used in cooking, as well as sunflower seeds.

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We continue to discover the best types of flowers to decorate the garden to speak, now, of marigolds, a plant that is also known by other names, such as marigold.

It is one of the most typical flowers and what else are used to decorate gardens or outdoor spaces, since it is very resistant and withstands all types of climates.
A curiosity with this plant is that, when it is going to rain, it closes its leaves to protect its interior.



Dahlias are also an ideal flower variety to include in your garden.

Originally come from Mexico and it is a large flower that can be found in many colors. It blooms in the summer time and its flower is expired, so in late autumn it begins to wither.

It has an enveloping scent and, due to its appearance and beauty, it has always been associated with passionate love. Their care is somewhat delicate, as they need sunlight and be protected from the wind.

Lilies or lilies


We continue to know the best flowers to decorate the garden to speak, now, of lilies or lilies, a type of plant that has a large number of varieties and that they are really precious.

These wildflowers have a very special scent and can be found in many colors.

Bleeding heart


The peculiar name of this variety of flower is due to its appearance and is that, if we look closely, this flower has a shape very similar to an open and bleeding heart.

Is a exotic flower, different and precious that is usually found in Asia, but that in the rest of the countries is not so common.

It is perfect for areas with temperate and slightly humid climates; if they are in the right environment, these flowers can reach more than one meter in height.



In your garden you can also plant lavender, a plant that has small flowers that are lilac or bluish in color and that give off a delicious and enveloping aroma.

It is a perfect plant for the garden because it is very resistant; in fact, in winter it can bear frost.
It needs a lot of light and it is a plant that adapts to different types of soils.

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