Dollar plant, meaning and varieties

Dollar is not only the name of a well-known coin, it is also named for a plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family, which flourishes in hot climates such as Southeast Africa and is generally cultivated as a houseplant.

It is an aromatic species, with small leaves and rounded shape, with purplish-blue flowers that blooms in autumn and adapts to any place, as long as it is not directly exposed to the sun.


The dollar plant is also known as the Plant of Fortune or Tree of Fortune and, according to legend, whoever owns it will have success, fortune and prosperity, but to obtain these benefits you must place a coin in the land where you will plant it. In addition, the plant must remain in good condition, which is not very difficult because it does not need too much care.

According to Feng Shui, having the dollar flower plant at home is a guarantee that fortune will always be present, due to the good vibes that emanate from it. Having it is a good idea, and they say that its action is more positive when it is placed inside the house.


Incense Plant or Plectranthus coleoides

They have quadrangular stems and have a creeping or hanging bearing. Its opposite leaves are bright green with cream-colored wavy edges, from which they emanate an incense-like aroma if crushed. It needs a very bright exposure but without directly receiving the sun's rays. It is a tropical plant that does not tolerate frost or cold below 13ºC. Being a hanging plant, it is perfect to keep in hanging baskets.

Plant of the yellow incense or Plectranthus coleoides marginata

In a variety similar to the previous one, it has variegated leaves (that is, they are not completely green, but have parts of other colors), as well as the intense aroma they give off. The only thing that differentiates it is the cream or yellow color that predominates in the leaf, and hence its name.

Plectranthus argentatus

This plant has hairy, ovate-shaped leaves. The hairs give the plant a color that varies from green to silver. Its flowers are borne in terminals in the form of clusters up to 30 cm long and are bluish-white in color. It grows easily from cuttings or you can also grow them using seeds.

Plectranthus fructicosus

It is a variety that has the leaves with very marked veins and serrated edges. As for its flowers, they are of an intense blue color during the fall. Your latin name fruticosus means "bush".

Menthol prectranto or Plectranthus nicoline

This variety is a much smaller plant than the rest and its leaves have a mint aroma. In addition, the foliage of this money plant is very characteristic for its grayish color and is very decorative.


The reproduction of this plant is easy, you just have to select a cutting that contains a few leaves and a little more than 5 cm of stem. Then, you place it directly in water so that the roots sprout, but controlling the amount of water so that they do not rot.

Finally, if the plant has good conditions, it will grow quite fast. And only that from time to time you will have to cut out the stems that stick out too much. With this you will achieve the development of lateral branches, and thus increase the leafiness of the plant.

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