Flowering plants to grow in fall

Flowering plants to grow in fall

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Autumn is coming and the rest period begins for most of our plants.
With shorter days and less sunlight, the summer flowers wither and our garden becomes more monochromatic and gloomy as the days go by.
But you don't have to give up vitality and color; We can once again give it some touches of joy with some species of cold-resistant flowering plants.
Next we are going to share a short list of some of these species resistant to low temperatures, which are also easy to grow and reproduce to be able to have flowers in autumn.

CALENDULA (calendula officinalis): This plant is ideal for splashing our garden with cheerful orange and yellow flowers.
Its flowering stage begins when fall ends and lasts until late spring.
The seeds germinate in a week, and after a month the seedlings can be picked in individual containers until they are finally planted in beds or pots. They are very easy to grow.

Marigold flowers

CLAVELIN (dianthus chinensis): It is a very cold-resistant species that begins to flower at the beginning of spring.

GAZANIA (gazania splendens): when sown in autumn, well developed and formed plants are obtained for their flowering when the intense cold ends.

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COQUETTE (bellis perennis): It is fast growing and intensively flowering, with a flowering cycle similar to that of calendula.
It also adapts to places with low light.

THOUGHT (viola tricolor): with its cheerful purple, yellow and violet color combinations, It is a classic winter plant that requires a period of exposure to cold to achieve excellent flowering.
It is advisable to expose the pricked plants to the cold before planting them in their final place.

Pansy flowers

ALPS VIOLET (cyclamen persicum): it is one of the species most chosen for the beauty and color of its flowers, which can be found in pink, fuchsia, white and red.
It has a great resistance to cold and an extensive flowering period that extends from April to September.
It prefers semi-shady places, avoiding the direct sun at noon and in the early afternoon.
It grows well in fertile, aerated and well-draining substrates that can easily remove excess water.
It is necessary to keep the soil with constant humidity, but avoiding that the irrigation water wet the leaves or the tuber.

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Alpine violet

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