Hawaiian Flower Meaning

It can be in your daily life or in a romantic scene in a movie. Whether it grows beautifully on a bush or adorns a young girl's hair. Surely you have seen the Hawaiian flower. The flower has elegantly cupped, cashmere-soft petals with long stamens emerging from the center. This flower is scentless, grows on bushes with pointed, dark green leaves. To your surprise, this common grower has a set of not-so-common cultural symbolism associated with it. In general, Hibiscus meaning includes elegant feminine beauty, youth, and positivity. This is related to the short life, softness and elegance of the flower.

What is the name of the Hawaiian flower?

The scientific name of the Hawaiian flower is: Hibiscus brackenridgei

Hibiscus brackenridgei flower classification and history

The plant belongs to the genus of the same name and to the Malvaceae family. The name Hibiscus derives from the Greek word "hibiskos". This name comes from Pedanius Dioscorides, a famous botanist, author, and physician in the Roman armed forces. The origin of the flower is rather doubtful. However, according to an unofficial popular school of thought, it is a plant indigenous to Asia.

These flowers often symbolize young women. The delicate perspective of the cashmere surface and flowers accurately represents the elegance and innocence of young women. Also, these flowers usually last about a day. This short-lived flower represents youth and beauty. However, different cultures associate different meanings with flowers. Let's take a look at some of the most famous cultures;

China: The Chinese associate the hibiscus with fame, glory and wealth. In addition, they give it to both men and women. A person who gives a hibiscus to another is admiring an already famous person. Furthermore, it also means wishing success and glory to the recipient.

Korea: Koreans consider it a sign of mortality.

Malaysia: The Malays consider it a sign of vitality. Also, like Korea, they use it as a national currency sign.

North America: This flower is considered a sign of beauty and elegance for women. Americans associate her with a desirable and perfect wife. So, the next time you want to show your love and admiration for your woman, don't forget to gift some nicely packaged hibiscus flowers.

hawaii: In Hawaii, people consider it to represent power, respect, and hospitality. According to tradition, a woman's sentimental status is shown by the side of the ears she wears.

Singapore: People call it “Bunga Raya”, which means “celebration flower”.

Victorian age: The Victorian era used this flower simply to symbolize and admire the delicate beauty of a woman.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Hawaiian flower

As we all know, hibiscus can repel negative emotions and evil eyes.

The ancients used to carry a bundle of dried petals to attract good luck, love and soul mates.

This flower is of special importance in witchcraft and wizardry. Wizards and witches use it to attract love, desire, and meaningful dreams.

The psychic believes that putting some dry petals in a bowl helps to imagine the future. In addition, they believe that it is useful to attract good spirits.

Another meaning of hibiscus is to bring blessings to married couples. For this reason, people use them a lot in corollas for wedding ceremonies.

Colors and meaning of the hibiscus or Hawaiian flower

These beauties exist in different colors in nature. You can find them in almost all the main shades, with a specific symbol associated with each of them.

white hibiscus

The definition of White Hibiscus includes purity. It is also associated with the beauty of honest women.

yellow hibiscus

The meaning of the yellow Hibiscus is joy, good luck and sunshine. Receiving it as a gift shows good wishes for your happy and successful life.

pink hibiscus

The color of love and friendship represents the same in the Pink Hibiscus meaning. This flower is used to express the feelings of friendship and all kinds of love.

red hibiscus

Do you want to show your passionate love and admiration? In addition to many other options, you can simply send red hibiscus flowers.

purple hibiscus

The mysterious and elegant purple color represents the same for the Hibiscus. Purple Hibiscus symbolism includes knowledge, mystery, and higher levels.

Some interesting facts about the hibiscus flower

After understanding the meaning of hibiscus in detail, it would be great to know some interesting facts about the plant.

This plant grows in the form of large trees or bushes, up to 4 meters high.

These beautiful silky flowers are the source of attraction for hummingbirds and butterflies. So if you want to see these beautiful leaflets in the garden, consider planting some hibiscus bushes.

This flower also has some importance at the state level. It is the unofficial national flower of Haiti.

The yellow hibiscus species "Hibiscus brackenridgei" was declared the official state flower of Hawaii in 1988. Additionally, a red hibiscus species, the "Hibiscus kokio", was the former official flower of that state.

In Puerto Rico it is known as poppy flower.

Meaning of the Hawaiian flower in tattoos

When you want to get a tattoo of this flower, you should know the historical meaning of the flower before getting it done. Even if it seems like a beautiful flower, it is good to know what it symbolizes. The hibiscus is considered a flower worn by women or given as gifts for its feminine symbolism. It is an even more feminine symbol in North America, where the hibiscus represents the perfect woman or wife.

In Hawaii, the yellow hibiscus is their state flower. Many people get hibiscus tattoos as a symbol of respect for the state of Hawaii. Also, the flower can have multiple additional meanings depending on the color of the flower. As for Hawaii, the yellow hibiscus represents friendship. The red hibiscus symbolizes desire, passion and love. Purple means wealth. The blue hibiscus symbolizes calm and fertility. The white hibiscus signifies enlightenment, while the pink hibiscus represents rare beauty.

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