How to Make Simple Paper Flowers

One of the funniest and simplest crafts is making paper flowers. To help you do them, we are going to show you step by step what you have to do, with the aim that you do this craft regularly.

Materials for making paper roses

Colored cards

Pair of scissors

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How to make paper roses

We take the cardboard of the chosen color and on it we draw a spiral. The spiral will have to be the size of which we want to make the rose. That is, if we want a large paper flower, the spiral will have to be large. In addition, the larger the spiral, the more compact the rose will be and consequently the more durable.

Next you will have to cut the spiral with the scissors following the line well. One trick is to get the end straight. This will help you to roll the flower in a much easier way and consequently the craft will be easier for you. As they tell us from the Dical stationery website, it is important roll the cardstock from the outside to the inside in a tight way so that the results are as expected. When everything is correct, I recommend you loosen a little and place the paper to your liking to get the desired shape. In this way you will get the flower to be more or less open, that is, you will get the rose to your liking.

To prevent the rose from opening and consequently losing its shape, it is important put some glue on top of the circle. You have to press until the glue dries and consequently the rose is finished. If you want the rose to be even more original, you can put leaves on the stem. You will only have to cut the sheets, previously painted on the cardboard. Once cut, glue them and you can be sure that you have got a really nice paper flower.

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In my opinion this is the easiest flower variety to make. You can even do it with children. Not only because it is a simple flower, but because it does not present any risk. Although as you have to use scissors, it is important that an adult is always controlling everything to avoid scares.

It is very important to keep in mind that currently you can make flowers of different types, the important thing is to make a flower that we like so that we can leave it at home as a decoration.

Of course, not only can you make flowers out of cardstock, but other stationery supplies can be used to get good results. Parchment paper can be a good option to work easily. In this case you can make tulips and the results will be really good. Another interesting alternative is to use tissue paper. The results are really good, although it is true that this type of paper is a bit more delicate, so it may cost a little more to get the desired flower.

The important thing is to get down to work to get a beautiful and personalized flower. Of course, if you notice that the first time it does not fit you, calm down. It is normal, nobody is born knowing. In these cases you always have to be patient and repeat the craft several times. I'm sure that with a couple of repetitions the results will be really good and you will want to repeat the experience again. And is that as you have been able to read, making a rose is really easy. I invite you to enjoy that great experience.

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