Jade tree plant, spiritual meaning and for Feng Shui

The plant known as the Jade tree is a popular good luck charm in Asia, where it is believed to activate positive energies. The pretty green leaves of this beautiful plant symbolize growth and renewal, and they look a lot like jade coins, which are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is a traditional gift in Asia for companies. Many business owners place a Jade Plant near the entrance of their restaurants or shops or in a southeast location to attract prosperity and success. During Chinese New Year celebrations, these plants are placed on top of stock and investment certificates to increase in value over the following year.

According to the practices of Feng Shui, the Jade Plants located on the east side of the house are used for family harmony, health, the initiation of projects, academic activities; in places of the southeast for the luck of wealth; in western places for creativity or children's luck; and in Northwest locations for the luck of mentors, teachers, and helpful people.

The Jade Plant is a perfect gift for a friend or friend. If it blooms, it is the result of the great care that has been given to the plant. The Jade Plant in bloom reflects well on the owner and symbolizes great friendship, luck and prosperity. The green leaves signify the energy and joy of friendship, and the flowers represent the fragrance of great friendship.

What does the plant known as the jade tree symbolize?

The meaning and symbolism of the jade plant are related to increasing wealth, goods, glut, and good fortune. It is a good feng shui plant that increases one's wealth and according to Asian texts, it can turn the poor into rich or someone who has nothing super rich. Jade promotes friendship, brotherhood, kindness, and prosperity. The jade plant keeps water in its leaves, which means that the wealth is maintained. Jade symbolizes that it brings prosperity and a better meaning of this word is someone who has everything, which means that a person is financially stable, their general condition could be anything like they will be healthy (be in good condition), respectful status , or your mind is in a positive state.

Meaning of the Jade tree

Jade plants are characteristic with wealth and people believe it. In Chinese Feng Shui, this plant is described as a good luck plant and even its name denotes that and bringing them results in positive energy (CHI). Placing the Jade plant in different places can bring a different significant prosperity. The owner of a restaurant, the manager of a hotel, the airport authority, if they put them in front of their door, they can bring a good future and they can feel lucky to have them by their side.

If you want your family to have health and to reign peace and unity among all, placing this plant on the east side of the house will bring it to you.

If it is placed in the Northwest, it gives luck to the gurus, who are teachers who teach us about various topics from books and life. It also increases children's creative mind.

Placing on the south side can bring two things together or one of them means that you may be lucky or blessed with wealth. Each location has different meanings and each one gives you a clear indication of where you want to place it.

After all, a plant is a plant, which brings calm and positive energy. Did you know that this plant should not be placed in the bathroom or in the sink, since water flows in these rooms and if something is flushed, its positive energy will also be expelled?

Why is the jade plant called a money tree?

The reason why the jade plant is called the money tree is because it brings good fortune and luck and it was also called the money tree or the lucky plant. According to feng shui, the jade plant provides positive chi (energy) that is good for you and your family, as it encourages you to achieve your goals, so you can expect great health and good relationships.

Where should you put a jade plant in your home?

The jade plant is a lucky houseplant, so you should have one. It grows beautifully in a room with a south-facing window. The moms are the ones who put the jade plant in the kitchens, the employees of the companies place it near all the corners with windows so that they receive enough sunlight. Jade thrives between 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Where should you place a jade plant according to feng shui?

Chinese Feng Shui says that the placement of jade plants should be the east side or the location or corner that comes from the east, as this brings good health to the family, the flow of wealth, luck, innovation , creativity in children, fosters the productive mind of the people in the house.

How should I care for my jade plant for good luck?

To take care of the jade plant, always grow this plant in a place with indirect light and the best thing would be the window facing south.

Make sure to check the water every time you pour it to avoid any over-watering problems. Check the top soil 1 to 2 inches, if it is dry, give the jade water.

Using the best soil for your jade plant is the key, here I suggest my best selection of potting mix for palm trees, cacti and citrus. You can also use plant compost that you can give her in the growing season. The most important thing is that you read the instructions for a better use of the formula and you can get beautiful green leaves and white jade flowers.

Pruning is also one of the most important factors in caring for jade plants. Whenever you have free time, trim all dead leaves and branches, as well as diseased ones.

Can I put a jade plant in the bathroom?

You should avoid putting jade plants in the bathroom or in any closed area such as bedrooms, as it will not give them adequate light, which will cause poor growth of the jade plants. Placing the jade in the foyer or near the south-facing window can be beneficial. If this plant grows better, it brings good fortune and positive vibes.

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