Learn about the fleur de lis and its spiritual meaning

The fleur de lis is one of the important elements within the field of spirituality. Knowing its meaning, interpretation and uses is interesting, because its spiritual meaning it may surprise you. Ideally, you can take advantage of its benefits to bring positive energy into your life.

What is the fleur de lis?

It is a symbolic representation associated with the plant lily. The term lis It is of French origin that refers to iris. In heraldry it is a term that refers to a popular figure next to the lion, cross and eagle.

Its origin is considered to be in the lotus flower. However, it has also been mentioned that it is a representation based on a three pointed iron weapon used by soldiers centuries ago by French royalty.

What is the spiritual significance of the fleur de lis?

The spiritual meaning of Fleur de lis it may be different depending on the use you want to give it. It has been mentioned that it was part of the Mesopotamian decoration on some iconic buildings. However, in reality this flower associates its meaning with power, honor, loyalty, purity and sovereignty.

Being a little more detailed spiritually, the fleur-de-lis is associated with principles that are indispensable for humanity, such as the innocence, joy, love, justice and unity. The same ones that allow individuals to feel protected and worthy of the power that the fleur-de-lis represents.

Formerly, the fleur de lis was related to a part of society calling itself as The wise. Which was entrusted to be able to venerate everything that was divine and sacred. Allowing to be considered as part of a small elite that existed among the entire population.

A more interesting meaning is related to God, since according to experts on the subject have indicated that it is the "all-seeing eye of God." Since this symbol has the power to see even the soul of people.

Fleur de lis spiritual meanings

Fleur de lis spiritual meaning? The flower has been regarded as a symbol of approaching new Times. That is, there is a stage that has ended and a new one that begins on earth, giving way to new things, actions or changes that will mark the development of human life.

It means that it also comes light, goodness and knowledge to planet earth. That it is a time in which new ideas must be given, the purposes fulfilled and rough edges smoothed out so that life can pass adequately on the face of the earth.

However, it also symbolizes a fundamental part of the peace that must reign over every space and corner of life. The fleur de lis brings a lot of harmony, it should be a symbol of tranquility and that connects with the soul to provide strength and security.

It has been enshrined as a symbol associated with life, mainly associated with tree of Life which is an element capable of uniting the earthly with the divine. A unique connection that exists in the world and that this flower is capable of making it possible through all the power it has.

Spiritually it is a symbol that produces purity, majesty and honor that should prevail in all people. The fleur de lis has been associated with the may birth flower that both have a spiritual meaning that has been focused on the same feeling.

As a religious symbol has been erected for many centuries, as this flower may represent the Father, Son, Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit. Being one of the most important symbols within Christianity and thanks to the crusades it was possible to know its existence and meaning that lasts to date. One of the most important data is its presence in the Order of Santiago as an emblem on the cross that protected Christians from Muslims.

What does it mean to dream of the fleur de lis?

This symbol has become part of the most well-known symbols around the world. Dreaming of the fleur de lis represents positive changes in the person's life. Like a new job, a trip, a salary increase, new relationships, among others.

However, when the fleur de lis is withered it means that the changes that have occurred in life have not been taken advantage of by the person. Either because of fear of changes or because external situations have arisen that have prevented them from taking the opportunity to improve their lives or live new experiences. When you dream of a fleur de lis on a bed it symbolizes illnesses, problems or negative actions.

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