Meaning and symbolism of the amaryllis flower

The lovely amaryllis flower, often given as gifts during the Christmas season, is often seen as a sign of festive cheer.

While that is true, this flower has many other meanings as well. Commonly as a potted plant, amaryllis is often grown indoors because the bulbs are some of the few that prefer partial or indirect sunlight. They are also tropical plants that need warm temperatures to thrive.

This flower has somewhat confusing origins and an even more confusing name, but we broke it all down in our quick guide to amaryllis flower meaning and symbolism.

What does the word amaryllis mean?

The etymology of the word "amaryllis" is a bit confusing, but also quite fascinating. Amaryllis is the common name for flowers belonging to the genus hippeastrum.

The gender Hippeastrum it has more than 90 species and 600 different cultivars. Native to the tropics, these flowers can be found in a variety of colors.

The word Hippeastrum se it refers to the Greek word for "knight's star" or "rider's star" and recognizes the star-shaped design of the flowers.

What does the amaryllis flower symbolize?

The amaryllis flower has a strong heritage that is unique and worth sharing. According to classical Greek mythology, amaryllis originated with the love that the Greek maiden Amaryllis had for the shepherd Altheus. A strong, handsome man with a passion for flowers, Alteo was desired by many other women.

To win his affection, Amaryllis had to travel to the Delphic oracle for advice. He was instructed to sand outside Alteo's house for thirty nights, repeatedly piercing his heart with a golden arrow. Last night, a flower sprouted from his blood and then won Alteo's heart.

Unsurprisingly, the amaryllis flower now stands as a profound symbol of love, beauty, and determination. It can also represent hope and achievement.

What does a red amaryllis flower symbolize?

The red amaryllis is the most classic variant of this flower. It symbolizes love, attraction and passion. Therefore, it is perfect to give to a romantic partner. However, keep in mind that in some places it is simply a symbol of beauty, and in others, like China, it symbolizes good luck.

What is the meaning of a purple amaryllis flower?

As with most other flowers, the color purple is typically used to represent spirituality and nobility. Give someone a purple amaryllis flower and tell them that you think they are worthy of all the riches in the world; in fact, it is a sign of royalty.

What does a white amaryllis flower mean?

White amaryllis will symbolize femininity and purity. They are often given to grieving people to help impart a compassionate and loving message.

What is the symbolism of a pink amaryllis flower?

The pink amaryllis flower should not be confused with the red amaryllis as it symbolizes friendship and not romance. Even though color is a feminine thing, it doesn't need to be given only to women. It can symbolize friendship between people of all genders, ages, and social classes.

What is the cultural significance of the amaryllis flower?

Victorians viewed amaryllis as a representation of love, romance, and beauty, but also as a symbol of strength. This was due to the flower's mythological past, along with its height, robustness, and toughness when grown indoors.

It has been referenced in a wide variety of cultural works, including poems by one of the most famous Victorian poets, Alfred Tennyson. It was repeatedly alluded to in the poem "The daisy", in fact, where it was acclaimed for its beauty and tenacity.

When is the best time to give an amaryllis flower?

Think carefully about the amaryllis flower color that you would like to give someone as a gift before deciding whether it is appropriate.

However, in most cases, it is the perfect choice if you want to show someone that you have romantic feelings for that person, or if you simply want to show someone how much they mean to you. It is the perfect gift for anyone who you think is special or unique in some way.

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