Meaning of the color of roses

Red roses

Red roses are not only a symbol of love, a simple friend can send them praising the beauty and respect that unites them. It is one of the most exciting and passionate colors in a rose. Mainly, red roses are the symbol of love, especially young lovers choose them to give to their partner, but they can also be used as a gift to a friend as a show of respect.

White roses

They are the symbol of purity and innocence. Normally, it is the color chosen by brides for their bouquets on the day of the bride because it means that it will last a lifetime. White roses are also tied to love. A couple who give themselves this type of roses wants to show that they expect a solid future with her. Mean pure, happy and forever love. Also, if a close person is sick, this is the flower color that you should give as a gift to show that you are aware of them.

Pink roses

Giving a pink flower is the way, through flowers, to give thanks for an important favor. It also means the appreciation you have for someone. Pink carries with it the meaning of absence of evil, that is, there is no double intention in the person who offers them. Therefore, the person who gives this bouquet of flowers is trustworthy. If the color of the flower bouquet is soft pink, it means admiration and sympathy.

Yellow roses

It is usually the ideal rose to give to a teenager. For the most superstitious, this color brings with it a warning. If the person who gives them is not very close, he may have a second intention behind his smile. However, for skeptical people, yellow roses signify satisfaction and joy and are a good way to celebrate a birthday or a significant day with friends.

Other colors

  • Orange roses: denotes enthusiasm and passionate desire.
  • Burgundy red roses: means unconscious beauty.
  • Blue roses: signifies trust, reserve, harmony and affection.
  • Green roses: means hope, rest, youth and balance.
  • Violet roses: implies calm, self-control, dignity and aristocracy.
  • The Black roses: it means separation and sadness, death and nocturnality.
  • Gray roses: means grief, boredom and old age.

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