Nettle fruit - for beauty.

Nettle fruit. Who Can't Recognize Nettle? There are no such people. Few know what the flowers and fruits of this plant are like. Even fewer people are aware of the great potential of nettle: edible, medicinal and, above all, withSkin care products.
Nettle contains 30% of valuable oils, vit. E, A. They have anti-inflammatory nutritional properties. They improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin. They prevent hair loss.
The raw material is not commercially available, but you can easily get it yourself: from July to November, nettles are decorated with fruits. Mash raw or dried fruit and make an oil, glycerin or ethanol extract.

Oil extract: pour 1 part of crushed nettle with 5 parts of oil. Store in a cool dark place. Use it on the skin and as a food additive; Said oil is a nutricosmetic (a food product that improves the condition of the skin).

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nettle fruit for herbalism

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