poppy seed oil and seeds

The opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) is a medicinal raw material known for centuries, opium, morphine, everyone knows it. On the other hand, poppy seed oil and the seeds themselves are neglected, they are often treated as 'waste' in poppy straw production. And here's a surprise, because the seeds are not only tasty (poppy seed cake, so yummy), but also a medicinal raw material.

Poppy seeds have 40% fat, a composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, omega -6 content at 60%. The seeds are also a rich source of minerals and protein. Poppy seed oil - action:

- reduces the tendency to the precipitation of bile deposits and the formation of gallstones, stimulates the flow of bile,
- accelerates the healing of skin wounds and ulcers on the mucous membranes,
- stabilizes the structure of the endothelium of blood vessels, reduces the fragility of blood vessels
- stabilizes the structure of the epithelia, stimulates the regeneration of epithelial tissue in the digestive, urinary, sexual and respiratory systems,
- reduces the risk of vascular embolism and sclerosis,
- it is a source of lipotropic, nephroprotective, cardioprotective and hepatoprotective factors (protective for the kidneys, heart and liver),
- increases the general resistance of the body to infections,
- improves the composition of the secreted sebum, prevents the formation of blackheads and inhibits excessive keratosis of the epidermis and hair follicles,
- counteracts skin dryness,
- helps in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

Dose: at least 2 tablespoons of poppy seed oil a day by mouth or more in foods eaten cold. Łuskiewnik information

Oh my poppy seeds for sale. The daily portion of the oil can also be eaten in the form of poppy seed paste: ground seeds, cold, seasoned according to your taste.

More on poppy for herbalism: lovely cat and cold poppy seed.

Doubtful poppy in the photo, common in the meadows. Seeds much smaller than those of the poppy cake.

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