Preparation against hair loss.

Impatiens fruit inhibits androgenic alopecia; this potential is worth harnessing. This type of baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men.

Preparation against hair loss: do it yourself.

You need half a cup of Impatiens seed bags; The easiest way to collect Himalayan impatiens is a tall plant with pink flowers. Impatiens is impatient, because the ripe seeds pop out with the slightest touch of the hand. So collect the seeds before they mature. Tear off the capsules whole, they also have healing potential. Would you like to try these beans? here you go, this is a tasty and healthy snack. The seeds of all impatiens are edible, yeah hooops, straight from nature.

Small-flowered impatiens and common impatiens are equally valuable. They are low plants and the harvest is not as convenient as in the Himalayas.

Crush the harvested raw material and pour it with 40% alcohol, reserve for two weeks in a warm place. Drain the liquid and it's done. You can read more about the dosage on the blog.

Anti-hair loss preparation - more herbal.

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