Spiritual meaning and legend of the tree of plenty

Popularly known as the money plant, this tree is considered a symbol of good luck. Characterized by its coin-shaped leaves, it is said to stimulate the flow of money. The tree of abundance has become, throughout history, one of the plants that we should not miss at home, as it has an important connotation in Chinese culture where it is said that balances energies and increases abundance.

This tree is considered a magnet of good energies that reinforce positive vibes within the home. Within Asian culture, it is used to maintain a balance within the home, when basic elements of Feng Shui are lacking. On the other hand, it is believed that by placing this tree in a main room or corner of an important place, positive qualities will be attracted to the home, or in case of being a business, prosperity will increase.

On a symbolic level, this tree has been present in different traditions, cultures and religions. The name derives from the indigenous cultures mainly, in the Inca tribes above all, its meaning and symbolism is given to a legend that relates it to abundant water and food. It is characterized by representing wealth, prosperity and good fortune. On a personal and spiritual level the tree of life symbolizes self-improvement.

The legend of the tree of plenty

The origin of the tree of abundance lies in the Amazon regions, a long time ago. At that time a drought crisis was going through, a decision for which some indigenous brothers named Cuillo and Ducero went to visit a friend to ask for food. This friend was named Mangla, who gave them shelter in his shelter and enough food.

While they were in the shelter, they noticed some large fish scales, a question that generated interest. They then went to the river where they fished, with a funnel-shaped joint trap. However, over the hours, they failed to catch anything. This situation caused the brothers a lot of annoyance, so they decided to take revenge on the friend, hitting him and forcing him to tell the truth.

After this Mangla decides to tell him the truth. It turns out that in the Cordillera de los Guacamayos, there is a very large and thick tree. In the top of this tree, you can see a huge lagoon where many animals live, including fish and birds. The brothers forced Mangla to take them there, where they tried to cut down the great tree. However, the mystery did not lie neither in the roots nor in the trunk, but in the crown, whispered by a hawk.

This prompted one of the brothers to drink a potion and recite some magic words to turn into a squirrel. In this way he managed to climb the tree and reach the top. Dazzled by the sight, he managed to observe a beautiful lagoon, islands full of animals and in the center an islet with a climbing plant that reached infinity. The squirrel went up to the tree and cut it at its root with its teeth.

This caused all the water to spread out and the animals to walk to inhabit new places. After this the rivers became larger, and the animals began to abound in various species. After the fall of the tree, the protagonists of the legend are crushed, however, they have made themselves known This tree brought abundance to earth. Being in many sectors of the planet, a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

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