Spiritual meaning of the African violet

The African violet is characterized by being a very elegant flower. They do not need great care, in fact they bloom throughout the year, in all seasons and seasons. It has a great variety of colors, but it has an additional peculiarity, and it is it has two shades of colors. Leaving aside its beauty, this flower is also characterized by its great medicinal properties, widely used in naturopathic medicine. Along the history, violet has evolved a lot.

The most significant quality of this beautiful plant is its spiritual symbolism. The flowers of this plant symbolize subtlety, simplicity and delicacy. It is said that by being given to a person, the peace and tranquility that it emits to you or for that special person is shown, dedicating your love alternately to words. However, it has had different connotations throughout history, in different civilizations.

This plant lives in shady areas, being small in size, its leaves are never lost. Mostly purple in color, although we also find them in other colors. It is a plant that fits perfectly in the home, for its unique aesthetics and beauty. Due to their small size, which does not require more than 15 cm in height, they can be placed in any corner of the house. To keep it alive, they only need a lot of water and humidity, since its climate of origin is tropical.

What does the African violet mean?

Despite being a very elegant and beautiful flower, it also has a very special addition. What makes the flower of this plant so special is that its violet color mixes the best of both worlds, the feminine and the masculine. This is due to the fact that the color is born from the mixture of blue, which represents virility and masculinity, and red, which represents the subtle and feminine. Thanks to its qualities, it is said that the flower has a great effect on psychology.

Both its color and its incomparable beauty, are associated with tranquility and calm. In fact, one of the most used relaxation techniques in self-help therapies, consists of placing the flower covering most of the environment of the room. Although, you must be careful, since it must be the violet color of the original flower. If purple flowers were to be placed a little darker, the effect would be counterproductive.

Use of violet today

The most frequent use of this beautiful flower is in bouquets or flower arrangements. It is even used as part of the arrangement in bridal bouquets. The tonality of this flower in this case must be white, since its meaning in this case is innocence and purity. Even for those people who are single, the white African violet is associated with luck and the desire to find the right person. However, its violet hue is used, regularly in flower arrangements with a homey connotation.

Inside the home, the meaning of violet is related to family and marriage. The flower is a symbol of love. Giving violets, arranged in a bouquet or simply planted in a pot, symbolizes loyalty and importance we attach to home and family. It is linked to the thought of eternal unity. Apart from their symbolic value, these flowers have a particular smell, it is soft and very pleasant, ideal for achieving a calmer and more harmonious atmosphere at home. With having a sachet of African violet petals at home, it is enough to drive away negative energies and evil spirits who wish evil and breakups.

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