What does it mean to dream of flowers

Sleep is a biological need that allows us to recover from the physical and psychological exhaustion that is essential for good daily performance. We dream with images and stories that our mind creates while we sleep. Some can be funny, others scary or weird.

Flowers, on the other hand, due to their colors, shapes and beauty, represent feelings and emotions related to love, joy and gratitude. In general, if you dream of flowers it is a good omen.

For example, dreaming of growing flowers or that you are walking with satisfaction in the garden, means the joy of the work done. If you dream that you are receiving flowers, it has to do with feeling that you deserve recognition.

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But, dreaming of flowers can also mean a wake-up call or concern. For example, if you dream of trampled flowers, it means that you are neglecting small details that may be important. Or if you dream that you are obsessively contemplating a plant waiting for it to bloom, it means that you have a great anxiety to receive a reward for the effort made.

So far the meaning of flowers in general terms, now we will see in detail what dreams represent according to the color of the flowers.

What does it mean to dream of pink flowers

Dreams with pink flowers tell us about positive feelings. From a good relationship with our partner or from our children who make us happy. They are, without a doubt, dreams that reaffirm the happiness and harmony in which we are living.

What does it mean to dream of white flowers

They are the flowers of purity, of family, of friendship, of loyalty. But also, many painful dreams where white flowers appear show the inner anguish and hopelessness of the dreamer. Although he may not seem like it, he needs peace to regain his balance, be it affective or work.

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What does it mean to dream of red flowers

The images and stories we dream of usually have, in many cases, more than one meaning. This is the case of dreaming of red flowers, sometimes it can be the announcement of a very passionate relationship, full of desire. But, it can also be a harbinger of negative feelings such as anger, rage or jealousy. The problems that occur in a relationship, due to uncontrollable jealousy or anger, can be reflected in dreams with red flowers.

What does it mean to dream of yellow flowers

Dreaming of yellow flowers is always a positive sign. It is synonymous with optimism, vitality, related to projects and realistic dreams that you can achieve. In other words, if you have this type of dream, it means that it is a good time to start those plans that you have in mind.

What does it mean to dream of purple flowers

Dreaming of this flower color symbolizes spirituality and positive emotions. The purple color is associated with a spiritual change, creativity and inner purity. If the dream is with purple flowers blooming, it means prosperity, good changes, spiritual wealth and positive sensations.

Dream about flower arrangements

Dreams with flower arrangements mean a positive, good expectation. It is also synonymous with happiness, joy, peace, fullness of life, love and more. If in the dream you see flowers that sprout in the middle of the barren land or with flowers that grow spontaneously in the field, it means new job opportunities, salary increase or job recognition.

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Dream of withered flowers

If you dream of withered flowers, regardless of color, it has a negative meaning in the form of disappointments in love, work or with friends. They are dreams, in general, that portend that life is going to get worse for the dreamer. For some, it is dreaming of our own death.

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