What Flowers to Give According to the Occasion

Know what flowers to give according to the occasion

To know What flowers to give according to the occasion It helps us to generate the correct feeling in those who receive our gift. The same flowers are not applied for a couple, as for a birth, just as the same flowers are not used if we want to ask for forgiveness or convey a message of love or passion or tenderness.

Today there are many stores that allow you to send online flowers delivery Colvin for example, it allows you to find countless flower arrangements for every occasion or event. In general, all these stores take great care of the freshness of the flowers and plants and they arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

What flowers to give to your partner

There are many stores around the world that they make it easier for you to choose which flowers to give according to the occasion, But so that you do not go blind when it comes to giving flowers, I invite you to read this complete note where you will find many useful information to make the correct bouquet.

Why does receiving flowers make us happy?

Did you know that there are studies that confirm that receiving flowers makes us happy? In 2005 at Rutgers University, an experiment was carried out to evaluate the happiness produced when receiving flowers, the result was that 100% felt happier.

To be more exact, a sample of 147 people was taken, some were given flowers, other fruits and other candles and their reaction was analyzed through what they call "The Duchenne smile", Which is neither more nor less than what we call a" smile from ear to ear. "
Those who received flowers smiled 100%, those who received fruits smiled only 90% and those who received candles, only 70%.

In another study carried out in 2006 at Harvard University, an investigation was carried out on the relationship between women and flowers and the effect that they caused on them, the study was carried out in 55 participants and the results were that not only they felt happy to receive them, but living with the flowers (at home or at the office) they felt less stressed and more energetic and happy than on other occasions ...

Plant and Combine Biannual Flowers

Conclusion, giving someone flowers will make them happier 🙂

But let's go deeper into what flowers to give according to the occasion, for this, we will first see the meaning of each flower:

What does Each Flower mean?

Fresh and Natural Looking Freeze Dried Flowers
      • Acacia: Elegance
      • Azalea: Temperance
      • Creek: Beauty
      • Snowdrop: Hope
      • Calendula: Restlessness
      • Carnation Red: Sighing heart
      • Carnation White: Innocence
      • Yellow Carnation: Disdain
      • White chrysanthemum: Sincerity
      • Yellow Chrysanthemum: Scorned love
      • Red Chrysanthemum: I love you
      • Dahlia: Instability
      • Gardenia: Secret love
      • Gerbera: Youth
      • Sunflower: Worship
      • Gladiolus: Live genius, love date.
      • Blue iris: Pleasant News
      • White Iris: Hope
      • Hydrangea: Caprice
      • White Jasmine: Kindness and attachment
      • Yellow hyacinth: Jealousy
      • Blue hyacinth: Constancy
      • Laurel: Glory and ambition
      • Lavender: Constancy
      • Lily: Greetings
      • Lilac: Modesty
      • Lily of the valley: Return of Happiness
      • Daisy flower: Do you love me?
      • Magnolia: Love of nature
      • Mistletoe: Overcoming difficulties
      • Petunia: You relieve me
      • Orchid: Beauty
      • Rosemary: I remember
      • Peony: Truthfulness
      • pink: Love
      • Canine rose: Joy
      • Yellow Rose: Affection
      • White and red rose: Mixed feelings
      • White Rose: Worthy of you
      • Red rose: Beauty
      • Christmas rose: Relieves anxiety
      • Yellow Tulip: Love and happiness
      • Red Tulip: Love declaration
      • Veronica: Fidelity
      • blue violet: Trust and Sleeplessness
      • Violet: Modesty

What flowers to give according to the occasion

Knowing what flowers to give according to the occasion can be a challenge. What flowers, what color ... Many are the factors that can be taken into account when making our choice. Knowing the symbolism we mentioned above is important, but the following infographic can help you make your flower bouquet even better.

Flowers for Valentine's Day

When choosing a Valentine flower bouquets It is par excellence the occasion for it, however, it depends a lot on the relationship you have with that person.


Meaning and symbolism of passion flowers

Anniversary Flowers:

Just as there is a perfect gift for each anniversary, there is also a correct flower according to the years that are being fulfilled. Knowing what flowers to give according to the occasion, in this case, the wedding of paper, bronze, gold, will make your gift more effective and pleasant.


Mimosa flowers: meaning and symbolism

Birthday Flowers

In addition to its meanings of friendship and enjoyment, each month also has its own appropriate flower. So when we talk about birthdays, it is not only important to know what flowers to give according to the occasion, but it is a good idea, to take into account the month in question.


Dating flowers

Although today in many places the good habit of giving flowers on the first date can be considered obsolete, having this detail with someone you have dated a couple of times can be a good gesture.


Funeral Flowers

Usually, funeral flower arrangements are sent directly to the home of the person who has suffered the loss. While size can vary, large, formal arrangements are best suited.


Flowers for someone who is sick

Depending on whether the sick person is in the hospital or at home, the choice of which flowers to give according to the occasion is different.


Flowers for Christmas and New Years

Several investigations assure that Christmas and New Years are two occasions in which flowers and plants are usually given. These three are the most appropriate, as they represent good omens and wishes for a successful year.


Flowers for Mother's Day

It is very difficult to choose something inappropriate this time. Also here are three ideas:


Flowers to express sympathy and support at a bad time

These types of flowers are different from those chosen at a funeral, as they are often sent to the home of grieving people. It is never too late to send these types of flowers.

If the deceased person or their relatives are Jewish, the flowers are not appropriate.

sympathy-I-accompany you

Flowers to thank

When you want to thank someone, choose a bouquet that represents their personality. It also helps to know some of her favorite tastes in flowers and plants.


As you may have appreciated, there are many options that will give you the right ideas for know what flowers to give according to the occasion and succeed in your intentions through flowers.

Nothing bad!

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