What flowers to give to your partner

Whether it is an anniversary, Valentine's Day or any other occasion, flowers are usually one of the quintessential gifts when it comes to showing love for our partner. But when buying them, we may have doubts about what flowers to give your partner.

Each flower has its meaning and each color has its intention, therefore, we consult the experts of Pamplona florist And in today's note, we will talk about some options that we have available when giving flowers to a person with whom we are in love. Let's see

What flowers to give your partner

Plant and Combine Biannual Flowers


What flowers to give your partner: roses

It is the most sought after optionYou can choose a unique color or prepare a bouquet of varied colors that will express a lot of joy and vivacity.

For unique colors, red indicates passion, pink tenderness and affection and white, purity. The color that we should never send is yellow, as it represents jealousy.

Fresh and Natural Looking Freeze Dried Flowers

The classic is 12 roses, but you can send one for each year that they have been together.



Ideals for a simple couple who love nature, will smile yes or yes ...

You can form a bouquet only with these types of flowers or combine them with others, such as some roses.

They are ideal to complete the effect on the person who receives them. This is the particular bouquet that I would like to receive 馃檪

Meaning and symbolism of passion flowers



Are ideal for an elegant and sophisticated womanThey have the addition of being perfumed, with which you get a double effect, visual and aromatic.

It is a flower that we will find in any store, since it is another classic. They can be sent alone or in combination.

For example, lilies of the valley will express sweetness, while a white lily will convey passion.



Tulips may be less traditional than roses, but just as elegant as roses.

Mimosa flowers: meaning and symbolism

Not only you transmit a clear message of "I know you and I love you" but, in addition, you become more original in your choice.

They are modern and beautiful by any measure and are ideal for couples who have been together for a long time.



They're a good choice if your partner is just starting and they have only been together for a short time. They are very resistant flowers and last several days.

You can combine them with daisies and carnations and a more important lily or flower in the center, you will achieve a beautiful bouquet to show your love on any occasion.

meaning in the language of flowers


What flowers to give your partner: jasmine

If you want perfume in addition to beauty, this is a great choice.

They represent fidelity and loyalty.

They are beautiful on their own, although you can mix them with lilies of the valley and orange blossoms.



They are also great if you have been together for a long time since symbolize happiness and togetherness.

There is a wide variety of colors with which you could choose your partner's favorite color or make a varied bouquet, but always avoid using yellow.


chocolate orchid

If your budget is a little higher, you can choose orchids, symbolize passion, luxury and sensuality.

It is an easy flower to find on the pages that send flowers at home and you can use just one pair combined with others or prepare a larger bouquet.

The call "chocolate orchidBesides being very beautiful, it gives off an aroma of vanilla and chocolate that will undoubtedly stimulate your partner.

And so we have seen seven excellent options so you know what flowers to give your partner on any occasion. Likewise, you already know that what counts is the intention, so any bouquet that you can afford to send will make your partner very happy, without a doubt.
I hope you liked the note and we are on the next note.

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